Corvette C6 Z06 Oil Change

This is the correct procedure to change the oil in the Corvette C6 ZO6.

Remove the two drain plugs from the engine oil pan. One is located on the left side of the oil pan near the oil filter. This plug drains the small amount of residual oil from engine oil pan, approximately 1 quart.

The other drain plug is located on the front of the oil pan. This plug drains the external reservoir and hose assembly. No go ahead and remove the oil filter.

Once the oil has been drained from the engine and the reservoir, replace the engine oil filter with a new PF48 oil filter and tighten to 25Nm (18lb. ft.)

Replace both oil drain plugs and tighten to 25Nm (18lb. ft.)

Fill the oil through the oil fill cap in the top of the dry sump reservoir. The total service fill, with a dry filter is 8 quarts of 5W30 Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

Replace the oil fill cap and start the engine. Let it run at idle for at least 15 seconds to circulate the fresh engine oil through the lubrication system.

Check the oil as follows:

The engine must be warmed up. Cold oil will not give a correct oil level reading. After the engine is warmed up to at least 175 F, shut off the engine.
Wait 5 minutes to allow the oil to drain and settle. Pull the dipstick from the reservoir and clean it with a lint free cloth. Then push it back all the way until it stops. Remove again keeping the tip down and note the oil level on the crosshatched area. An oil level within the crosshatched area is normal.
NOTE: Do not overfill the reservoir. Oil levels above the crosshatched area may degrade lubrication system performance, and result in excessive oil consumption.

TIP: The owner’s manual may contain a slightly different procedure which calls for filling 7 quarts, turning the engine then shutting off, and finally filling 1 additional quart. This procedure may be used, although NOT necessary.

TIP 2: There is a cap on the right valve cover under the decorative cover. Attempting to remove this cap can break the retaining tabs, requiring removal of the valve cover to retrieve broken pieces. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANES SHOULD YOU ATTEMPT TO FILL THE OIL SYSTEM THROUGH THIS CAR

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