DSVette Corvette Leather Interior Installation

Down South Vettes Custom leather interior Would you like to really spruce up the interior of your Corvette C6? The Down South Vette leather interior is one of those Corvette Parts that you cannot resist!! This article will show you how to completely tear down the center stack and install the Down South Vette Console Lid, DSVette Shift Boot, DSVette Brake Handle, Ebrake boot, Down […]

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Refinish the Corvette C5 Coupe Targa Top

How to refinish your Corvette C5 Targa Top…. I bought a used clear targa top and wanted to restore it to new condition for use on my Corvette C5 Coupe.  This is what it looked like when I got it….. All you need to refurbish the top is: 1000 grit wetsand paper 1500 grit wetsand paper 2000 grit wetsand paper Rubber sanding block Squirt bottle […]

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Halltech C5 Honeycomb MAF Straightener Installation

Instructions for the Halltech HC.125 Laminar Airflow Straightener Screen History: In 2002, GM removed the laminar flow screen on the Z06 in an attempt to increase horsepower from the 2001 Z06, which had the screened MAF. All LS1 motors came with the screened MAF sensor. GM did not make any power claims for this mod, and since there were no changes at all in the […]

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Halltech Corvette C5 Venom Installation

Halltech Venom Corvette C5 2001-2004 Installation Instructions Donated By Southern Car Parts (www.southerncarparts.com) Tools Needed Flat Head Screw Driver Hairdryer Freezer Please note there are two different style C5 Venom Air Bridges that may come with your intake. Do not be alarmed if yours does look like the one in the pictures. You should have one of the two styles shown in the installation directions […]

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Corvette C5 Dash Removal and HUD Installation

For those not familiar with heads up display, You get 9 different ways to project critical info on your windshield, like speed, Tach, gas level, oil pressure, coolant temp, turn signals, high beam indicator, shift light indicator (6 Speeds) and check gages. You can control which are displayed, adjust the height of the projection on the windshield, and the intensity. Some are shown here: Heads […]

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Corvette C5 Headlight Switch-Blinker Arm Removal

This write-up will show the steps involved with removing the headlight switch / blinker arm / multi-function switch assembly, either for repair or replacement. There wasn’t a good picture-rich write-up that I could find so I documented my process, and maybe it’ll help somebody out. My particular problem was that when I turn on the headlights, the taillights wouldn’t work and the instrument panel would […]

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