How to remove the Fuel Line on a Corvette C6 to install painted Fuel Rail Covers

Here is a quick “how to” on adding painted Fuel Rail Cover’s by removing the fuel line. Let me preface this by saying it may not be the best method but the one I prefer. I know some do the tape and bend method but I tried that and still ended up scratching my freshly painted FRC’s. Obviously mine are already installed.  Also, this isn’t a very difficult thing […]

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Cleaning Your Corvette C5 Radiator

Cleaning Your Radiator and Condenser – The Quick Overheating Fix Source: Junkman-Digital Corvettes Forum Member This DIY is more of a band-aid repair for those who have heating issues. It will help most and depending on what is stuffed up in your radiator/condenser area, it may help a lot. If you manage to get a lot of dirt, twigs, grass and leaves out of these […]

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1997 – 2004: Corvette C5 Headlamp Actuator Replacement Procedure

1997 – 2004: Corvette C5 Headlamp Actuator Replacement Procedure Subject: Headlamp Actuator Replacement ProcedureSource: 97moneypit – Corvette Action Center Forum MemberModels: 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette The CAC has been a very helpful resource so I thought I’d give back some pics and explanations of my first DIY repair project on my ’97 yesterday. The driver side headlight actuator needed to be replaced. Decided to do it […]

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