How to Install the Corvette C6 Z06 Billy Boat Fusion Exhaust

Did you pick up a new Corvette C6 Z06 Fusion Exhaust? Here are the direction on how to install your new Corvette exhaust system Tools need for installation: Jack/Jack Stands, 17mm & 18mm Socket or Wrench, 15mm Socket and Wrench, 13mm Socket and Extension #1- Secure vehicle to wheel lift. #2- With the car safely lifted and chocked remove the nuts and bolts that hold […]

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Corvette C6 Power Windows Re-Indexing

After disconnecting the battery on a Corvette C6 or a dead battery, the window index-up feature will not function until the system is re-initialized. Once power has been restored to the system you will need to reindex the Corvette windows so that they know the distance to travel when they index. Follow the steps below to rest the window indexing function on the Corvette C6. […]

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