How to change the oil on the Corvette Z06 and ZR1

Changing Engine Oil and Filter (ZO6, ZR1, and Grand Sport) These vehicles have a racetrack‐ready dry sump engine lubrication system. This high‐performance system operates differently than a standard engine lubrication system and requires a special procedure when changing the engine oil and filter. Follow this procedure closely when changing the engine oil and filter. ZO6 Shown, ZR1 and Grand Sport Similar A. Engine Oil Drain […]

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How to Program your Corvette Car2u or Homelink Garage Door Opener

I know it seems simple, but you would be surprised how many times we get this question…”How do you program your Car2u or Homelink Corvette visor garage door openers?”. Really simple follow the steps below and you will be done in 30 seconds flat. First we will show you how to do the Car2U Corvette Garage door opener (Corvette produced after 2006 have this system). […]

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How do you check the Engine Codes on a C5 Corvette?

  If you have not experienced it yet, one day you will. You will go to start the Corvette or you may be enroute your destination when it happens: So there you are, trying not to panic. The thing is, that sucker is annoying! It’s like having a piece of lettuce stuck in your teeth on a blind date with Daisy Fuentes. It feels like […]

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