C5 Corvette LED Tailight Halo Mod

Parts needed:
– about 2′ of Small gauge wire (I used 24ga stranded thin)
– (4) 5-packs of 470 ohm .5 watt resistors ($4 at RadioShack)

Tools needed:
– Voltmeter
– Wire stripper
– Solder/solder gun
– Scissors
– Phillips head screwdriver
– black marker

Here’s the procedure for 1 light:

1. remove the light from the bumper
2. remove the rear panel from the light itself: remove the 4 phillips head screws and use scrape away the silicone seal from the panel on the back. NOTE: be gentle when removing the screws or you will damaged the plastic. Then slowly pry it loose with your hands (no extra leverage is necessary) It should look like this:

3. Cut the 2 white wires in the center as close to the circuit board as possible. One is positive and one is ground. To find out which is which, strip about 1/4″ off each, go back to the car and plug it back into the socket. Turn on the parking lights and use the voltmeter to identify the positive and ground. use the sharpie to label the ground wire.

4. You’ll see 4 wires going to the sides of the light: red, black, yellow and orange. each of the 4 LEDs gets its own pair of wires (there are 2 per side) Cut the wires on both sides as close to the circuit board as possible and strip 1/4″ insulation from them. The polarity is as follows:

red and orange are power wires
yellow and black are ground wires

twist the black and yellow ends together and solder. Install resistors on the ends of the orange and red wires. Use your 24ga wire to join the power wires on both sides and the ground wires for both sides. Then connect them to the main power/ground white wires you labeled earlier.

5. Make sure your connections are soldered and insulated with electrical tape then test. Make sure your socket is installed in the correct direction.

Created by Radio Flyer from the Corvette Forum

One response to “C5 Corvette LED Tailight Halo Mod”

  1. Paul says:

    I never tried to rewire anything before… I need help please? I used 470k/ .5 watt resistors. Followed your video exactly. Tried switching white wires. Only the turn signal works night halo light. I did use speaker wire to bridge the wires. Might be my problem. I would appreciate it some info.

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