Corvette C6 Z06 Transmission Fluid Change

*** Standard disclaimers apply. I assume no responsibility for any damage. Please be careful – the consequences of a mistake or improper install could be disastrous *** Pics below are from a 2007 Z06, and a 2007 Service Manual was used. Tools * Small 3/8″ Wrench or Large Wrench with a 3/8″ Extension * Oil Drain * Suitable Pump / Transfer Tube (I got the […]

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Corvette C5 Output Shaft Seal Leak Fix

Contributed by A.J Johnson/Digital Here’s the scenario. You pull your baby out of the garage and notice that something has leaked out of the rear of the car. The odd thing is that the leak is not dead center of the rear, it’s more to the left (or right if you’re really having a bad day). What you are probably experiencing is the failure […]

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Corvette C6 Z06 Oil Change

This is the correct procedure to change the oil in the Corvette C6 ZO6. Remove the two drain plugs from the engine oil pan. One is located on the left side of the oil pan near the oil filter. This plug drains the small amount of residual oil from engine oil pan, approximately 1 quart. The other drain plug is located on the front of […]

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