How to Change the Rotors on a C6 Corvette

****** FRONT: ****** Remove the wheel. To remove the rotor you need to remove the caliper and the bracket. There are 2 bolts for the caliper (top smaller bolt circled on the left), and 2 for the bracket (top larger bolt circled on the right). HINT – You gain a lot of space to access these bolts if you turn the steering wheel opposite the […]

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PFADT Corvette C6 Coilover Installation

As promised, here is a step by step for installing Pfadt Corvette coilovers. If you are doing the job yourself (without a helper) and you have a lift, plan on about 5 to 6 hours of work. On jack stands it will probably take a few more hours. I did the job over two afternoons and I’m lucky enough to have a 4-post lift. I’ve […]

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Lowering your C5 Corvette

This is a picture by picture crash course in lowering the front of your C5 yourself. These steps are necessary to cut the front bushings or to remove the lowering bolt all together. -Note- before hand you will need to make some ramps that are at least 3″ tall so that you can remove your jack from under your car once it is lowered. The […]

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