Corvette C5 Hatch Mechanism Repair

I have a 99 Coupe with the two hatch mechanisms (things that pop the rear hatch) So I don’t know if this will work with newer vette that just have the one. My driver side mechanism would make an awful squeal/screech when I used it and eventually stopped working all together (would make the noise but not release the hatch. So I bought two (left and right) used ones off the forum.

The whole thing took me less than 30 minutes (mostly because I was taking pictures as I went) and on a scale of 1 to 10 1 being changing the oil and 10 being porting your own heads with a Dremmel and a prayer this is a 1.

You will need

1. New working Mechanism
2. 10MM socket and socket driver.
3. Screwdriver (Phillips or flathead doesn’t matter)

Step one: use the manual release cable to get your hatch open (I had attached a piece of rope to mine and ran it to behind the driver seat)

Step 2: Remove the little black piece that you connect the cargo net to. You may also need to remove the cover for the little Cargo bin on that side, I removed mine to get to the socket set I keep in my car I have never tried it with it on so not sure if it is a must.

Now the entire panel was more or less held on by that plastic piece. Make sure to pop the little deal the holds the targa in place in the rear of the car forward. So working from the top pop the panel out making sure to get it clear of that little thing that hold the Targa in.

Note: It has a light on it so don’t try to remove it completely just pop it out and let it lean forward.

Step 3: Disconnect the two Electrical connectors that power the unit. If you have ever worked on a Corvette before you will notice GM doesn’t use the same type of connector in close proximity here is no exception so it is basically idiot proof to get them Re-Connected. On the bottom where the yellow and black wire lead to a connector It is head in place by a gray clip, Just slide the connector of the clip (in my case towards the outside of the car but it is on a swivel so yours might be different)

Once you have the lower of the two connectors free frame the mechanism frame Disconnect the, The lower one you’ll need to pull up on the Tab On the upper connector which is actually part of the drive motor you’ll use the screw driver to push in the tab and pull out the male end of the connector.

Step 4: Using the 10MM Socket and driver remove the three Bolts that hold the Mechanism to the frame. Make sure to keep a hand on the mechanisms once these three bolts are off there is nothing holding it in place.

Bolt the New working Mechanism on, replace the bolts, replace the connectors, then hit the hatch open button you should hear a slight noise coming from both sides. Put the Panel back on and eyeball the alignment, it should be pretty dead on the Three bolts once secured don’t have much room to move around. If everything looks good Re secure the panel, close your hatch and see if it opens.

As with any DIY your mileage may vary. It took me ten minutes of head scratching and 20 minutes of labor to do mine it really is a simple job. I probably could have taken more pictures but I think it should be pretty clear what you need to do just from looking at it. I had a bit of a hangup disconnecting the wires but luckily the spare I bought off the forum had the wiring still connected so I figured that out on my own.

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