Corvette C5 Headlight Gear Rebuild

Parts needed:

brass gear kit
10mm socket
13mm socket
1/4 drive ratchet
magnetic pick-up tool
phillips screwdriver

You also need a brass gear kit (you can get this from Rodney Dickman) at (yes I know he sells Fiero parts…trust me he sells the gears for the C5 headlights also) you can order online or call him. he is a super nice guy and ships the stuff Priority Mail..

Ok, lets get started. Turn the headlights on or manually crank up the bad light. If you turned the lights on you can unplug the bad light and turn the other light off so as not to kill the battery.

Remove the black plastic headlight surround, 3 Phillips head screws. Now look inside the opening and you will see there are basically 5 nuts/bolts that hold the assembly in place. the following pics show the locations.

After these bolts /nuts are removed lift the assembly out and you have this.

Turn the whole piece on its side and you will see the round cover which is secured with 3 little screws:

Remove these screws and take off the cover. You will probably see something that looks like this.

Make note of how you remove things and clean all that stuff out of there so it will look like this.

Now install the new gears and replace the cover.

Install is the reverse of removal. Plug everything back in and you should have this.

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  1. bhohmann says:

    How should the manual open dial knob be adjusted?

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