Corvette C6 Braille Battery Relocation to Rear of Car

Corvette C6 Braille Battery Relocation to Rear of Car

Here are a few pics and step by step installation of a Braille Battery with relocation to the rear of the car (like the Z06)

You will need a

Battery: Braille B2317R

Moroso battery cable kit

This is where the fun starts, remove that old heavy ass battery

comparing both batteries

There are (4) 13mm bolts inside the battery tray loosen and remove

remove from inside your fuse box the 13mm nut ,remove the cable and follow it to your starter ,this is your original positive cable. Do the same steps for your negative cable.

put the 1 gauge ground wire together which mounts to the frame and the engine block

a little heat wrap for protection

use the same mounting bolt and location for the new ground cable

mounting the other end of the ground cable to the block, it’s a 15mm bolt

Now on to the power wire, remove the rear wheel liner

Fish the 1 gauge wire thru the rocker panel

connect the positive power cable to the starter

Original Battery 34.2 lbs

Braille Battery 17 lbs

Odyssey bracket that had to be cut down an inch

marked holes with a sharpie

Original equipment
Battery = 34.2 lbs
Battery bracket = 1 lbs
Battery harness = 1 lbs
Total = 36.2 lbs

Battery Relocation Mod
Braille Battery = 17 lbs
Custom Battery Bracket = 0.8 lbs
14 feet of Cable = 5.2 lbs
terminal ends,bolts,nuts,etc = 0.7 lbs
Total = 23.7 lbs

36.2 lbs-23.7 lbs = 12.5 lbs weight reduction

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