Corvette C6 Leather Console Cover Replacement

Another Modification for your C6 Corvette that takes 15 minutes and really makes the interior look like an exotic sports car.

You can find leather Corvette console covers all over the internet, but we are partial to the Down South Vette’s leather console cover.

The quality is impeccable and the extra cushioning they put in it really makes a difference.

Difficulty: 1 out of 5.

Time: Plan on about 5 minutes.

The tools used are:

A T15 Torx driver to take off the console cover screws.

A flashlight may help get a better look at the screw location as you start.

We are ready to install a Down South Vettes leather console cover.

The OEM cover to replace:

Open the cover to reveal the four T15 Torx screws that hold the cover in place

Remove the four Torx screws and then remove the console cover. Take caution as

you remove the last screw. The console cover can fall off and you don’t want to

damage your cover or interior at this point. Remove the last screw with your left

hand while holding the top center of the cover with your right hand.

Here are the two covers side by side:

And a close up to get a look at the added padding in the DSVettes cover:

You simply need to reverse the process now to install the new DSVettes cover in

place of the old OEM cover.

Seated in the driver’s seat, hold the cover in place with your right hand and with one

of the screws in your left hand. Find the threaded hole and start the first screw.

Once the threads start, take out your driver with the Torx T15 insert and tighten the

screw most of the way. While still holding the cover, start one of the remaining four

screws with your left hand. When both of these are in tight, you can release your grip

on the console cover. Insert and tighten the remaining two screws and sit back and

enjoy your new console cover.

Once complete it will look like this:

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