Corvette C6 Leather Shift Boot Installation

The interior of the Corvette C6 is pretty top quality BUT you can make a few upgrades that will really set it apart from the crowd. A favorite is replacing the fake leather components used on the console lid, shift knob, shift boot, etc….with real leather pieces. This in the installation of the Down South Vette Leather Shift boot on a Corvette C6. Maybe a 30 min project, BUT it reaps beautiful results!

Difficulty: 2 out of 5.

Time: Plan on about 30 minutes.

The tools used are:

A small blade screw driver to open the tabs that hold the ring into the console.

A T25 Torx driver to take off the shift knob

A flashlight to get a better look at where the tabs are located

Flat tweezers to reseat the new boot around the base of the shift knob

Common desktop stapler to reattach the new boot to the trim ring.

The original OEM shift boot to replace.

The shift knob comes off with a T25 torx screw. Just pull down the top of the old boot to expose


Using your screw driver you will need to pry back the five tabs that hold the trim ring into the

console. These are located at roughly 12 o’clock, 2 o’clock, 5 o’clock, 7 o’clock and 10 o’clock.

Here is what the assembly looks like out of the car.

A side view.

The console location where the shift boot just came from.

Use your small blade screwdriver to pry up the staples. It is best to put the staple under the

boot and pry each side up and off the trim ring. Do this all the way around until all of the

staples are free.

Orient the new boot so that the notches in the leather line up with the tabs on the trim ring.

You want to make sure that your seams are in the center at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Once you

are happy with your placement, start using your stapler to attach the new leather boot to the

trim ring. Start at 12 o’clock and work around the ring keeping an eye on your seams. Don’t

worry, if you miss a staple or aren’t happy with the placement, you can simply pry it out and

try again. You’ll need to press firmly and slowly with the stapler to make sure the staple goes

in straight and reaches the trim ring through the leather. When you are done it should look

something like this.

The new boot mounted and ready to be installed.

Now comes the hardest part. Putting the trim ring and the new boot back into the console. It

is best to start with the bottom of the trim ring and get it seated in the console location. You

will literally need to work your way around clockwise, deforming the ring towards the shift lever

and pressing down to seat it into the console. Keep an eye the leather to make sure that it is

not bunching up around the outside at any one location. Keeping working around and pressing

down until you can fully seat the ring and feel the five tabs return to their original positions

flush with the console locations. Gently pull up on the leather to make sure it looks even

around the console edge.

Once you have the trim ring back in place in the console you will need to replace the shift knob.

To do this you will need to compress the leather boot quite a bit more than you did with the

OEM part as the new boot is a bit thicker. Place the knob on top of the shifter. Compress the

boot with your right hand and try to insert the torx screw back into the hole with your left hand.

The next step is to get the boot seated around the base of shift knob. Using your tweezers in

between the boot and the lip at the base of the knob, slide the boot up the tweezers and get it

over the lip on the base of the knob, now rotate the boot counterclockwise and leave the

tweezers in between use this as a slide to get the boot around the base. Once you are about

halfway around you can take out the tweezers and just keep working the boot up and rotating

counterclockwise. This twisting motion will allow the boot to seat on the lip. Once the boot is

seated, twist to align the seams to center

The finished product back in the car and ready to go.

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