Corvette C6 PFADT Tri-Y Header Installation

Corvette C6 PFADT Tri-Y Header Installation

Corvette is a 2013 Grand Sport Manual transmission (Dry Sump). The PFADT Tri-Y Corvette Headers come with everything you need (other than tools) do to the complete installation.

The installation is fairly simple. If you can change your oil you can complete the header install. Everything is covered in the included instructions except how to raise the engine. On the PFADT website they have instructions on how to replace your motor mounts so that was very helpful with raising the engine. I did not get any codes or check engine light after the installation but know this is normal to have until you get the engine tunes. I did take my car and get the tune completed and the gains were in line with what I expected. The exhaust note sounds very stock sounding in “mild” mode and much louder in wild mode (in a good way). I have a Corvette Borla ATAK system ordered which I will be installing soon. Next step is to put the Halltech MF103 on the car;)


As you can see in these 1st few pics the quality is very good. Clean welds and a well thought out design. Packaging for shipping was very good. No worries with these things getting banged up with the way they pack them.


Header to midpipe connection is a breeze with the supplied v clamps

Cats welded into midpipe and staggered

I installed these on jackstands and is my third header install on jackstands. Kooks on a GTO and LG Super Pros on an 08 C6

Spark Plugs and ignition wires out..

Driver side with spark plugs out, ignition wires off and front O2 sensor unplugged and front o2 connector removed from the hole directly above the sensor and it is off to the top right by the fuel line.

On the left you can see the front O2 connector resting on the fuel line. That is as far back as it will go without undoing the wires from the engine harness which I had to do to connect with supplied extensions.

Front sensor wires w/ extension weren’t long enough so I pulled wires from harness to even with rear of block both sides. Required the same thing with 2 previous headers from others so I assumed it was normal.

Everything out of drivers side. That is the top of the engine mount too for reference underneath when you go to raise the engine

Passenger side with o2 Sensor connector still attached you can see the sensor directly below it the wire runs straight up and ties into the harness. Need to get the wires freed up to at least the rear of the engine to be long enough with provided extension.

Passenger side out and you can see the top of the engine mount and you can see there isn’t much room there with the starter.

Stock Midpipe is removed

Passenger side sensor connection reach from under car, other side is behind engine and get to from up top.

Driver side oil pan, no oil cooler here on mine to be removed

Dry sump lines on passenger side of oil pan HAD to be removed for clearance and I HAD to raise the engine. 9 qts of oil drained out. I poured the oil that came out into containers and measured. I put new in after install.

Engine mount view from below. One each side that are identical. Raising it is very easy.

I took the nut off and raised the engine until the bottom of the bolt was nearly even with the hole.


Starter/frame clearance on passenger side is reason I HAD to raise engine. Left nut on bolt 1st and wasn’t high enough.

So distance raised is the length of the bolt to include the area covered by the nut. Intake touched windshield cowel

Drivers side resting in place

Passenger Side complete….

I had to crawl out from under the car several times to get the mufflers level (appearance from the rear) right. Don’t tighten the o clamps for midpipe to exhaust pipe before making sure the exhaust tips are level. A helper would be good here

All done and put back together…


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