Down South Vette Corvette C6 Emergency Brake Handle Installation

Difficulty: 3 out of 5.

Time: Plan on about 20 minutes.

The tools used are:

A small blade screw driver or flat tweezers to reseat the new boot around

the base of the e-brake handle.

T15 Torx driver to take off the console cover.

Phillips head screwdriver to remove the e-brake handle.

flashlight may help get a better look at the screw location as you start.

The original OEM boot and handle to replace.

The first step will be to remove the center console cover so you have access to

the screw that holds on the e-brake handle. Open the center console to expose 4

T15 Torx screws. Now, remove the center console cover.

Once the center console cover is off, pull down the e-brake boot to reveal a

Phillips head screw which holds the e-brake handle in place.

Once you remove the Phillips head screw, the only thing holding the handle in

place at this point is the brake release button at the top. The button is held in

place with a friction fit and a detent in a notch. To remove (easiest from the

passenger side), grip the OEM handle firmly and pull (slide) the handle off which

will “pop” the brake release button off the top of the handle. You can now slide

the handle off with ease.

Now that the handle is off you need to remove the OEM brake boot. Take a

minute to examine the new Down South Vettes boot. This will give you a better

understanding of the four attachment points on the OEM boot.

The boot is held in place by two press to fit clips on the driver’s side and two

angled clamps on the passenger side. Start at the front and lift up and towards

the windshield and the front two clamps will come out. The rear clamps are a

little harder to get. Next pull up near the rear press fit on the driver’s side. Last,

pull the boot up over the handle to get the metal frame underneath back to level

and work to pull up and forward to unseat the last clamp. Once this is complete

the boot will lift off of the brake handle.

Take the new Down South Vettes brake boot and place it over the top of the

handle set at a convenient angle. Through a combination of movements the

object is to get the frame and leather boot over the handle and back to level so

that you can press it into the four retaining points on the console. Snap

everything firmly into place.

Now we need to get the handle back on. Your new shift boot is considerably

thicker than the OEM boot and as such it is difficult to screw the handle back into

place. Move back to the drivers side of the car and get the handle, the Phillips

head screw and your screw driver ready in the open console.

Using your right hand, compress the boot as far down as you can and see if you

can get a clear view of the hole on the side where the screw needs to go. You

may need to twist and maneuver the boot a bit to get it compressed enough to

allow the screw to be reinserted. This will take some effort but it will go. Once

you are comfortable that you can compress the boot, hold the boot down and

place the handle back on the arm. Now use the handle to hold the boot down in

place with your right hand and try to start the screw with your left. Once you

get it started, use the screw driver and tighten screw to a stop. Be careful not to

drop the screw into the boot as you will need to remove the boot to retrieve it

and start over again. Once the handle is screwed back in place press fit the

silver brake button over the black cap and down into the hole on the emergency

brake handle. Press it down well and it will snap back into place.

Now it is time to get the boot reseated on the base of the handle. Using both

hands work the boot around the base starting in the back (or top) as pictured

below. Once the boot is started you can twist counter clockwise while pressing

the boot up into place. This will allow the boot to seat the rest of the way

around the base of the handle.

Now all that’s left is to put the console cover back on using the four T15 Torx

screws, sit back and enjoy the look of your new leather.

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