Down South Vettes Leather Sun Visor Installation


Difficulty: 3 out of 5.

Time: Plan on about 30 minutes.

The tools used are:

A medium blade screw driver

A small flashlight may help get a better look at the work location as you start.


Let’s get a look at the project. If you have a coupe, you may want to remove the roof. If

you have a convertible you may want to lower the top. This will both make maneuvering

the visor assembly easier but it will also provide you with better lighting in the cockpit for

your task.

Here are a few side by side comparison photos of the new Down South Vettes visor and how

it compares to the OEM unit you will be replacing.

The DSV unit starts with an OEM core and removes the fabric treatment and replaces it with

the same high quality leather used in each of the other interior parts

The leather treatment to the sun visor will add a little bit of thickness to the unit.

Start the installation by tipping the sun visor down towards the windshield as if you were

trying to block out the sun while driving.

Next, unhook the sun visor from the latch up on the windshield frame. Once you have done

this it may be a good time to grab your flashlight and take a look at the steps that you will

be doing next. In the picture below you will see the screwdriver placed near the slot that

you will use to release the sun visor from the pillar.

To describe the task, you need to place your screw driver up in to this slot as shown here

Now, while pressing your screwdriver up in to this slot you need to press firmly with your

left hand and using your right hand, rotate the entire sun visor assembly counter-clockwise

(counter-clockwise for the driver side, clockwise for the passenger side) back towards you

as if you were moving the lowered sun visor from the windshield to the side window. It

should only take about a quarter of a revolution of the bezel as pictured above. This

quarter turn will translate to about 45 degrees of the sun visor relative to the windshie ld. If

the windshield is 0 degrees and the side window is 90 you should end up about halfway in

between. You will feel it when it unlocks. You will see that the bezel is no longer seated

against the roof. It will look like this:

Once the bezel and the assembly are unlocked from the car you will need to pull down on

the sun visor arm to remove it from the hole. You may need to work it back a forth slightly

to free it from the car. Don’t pull down too hard. Firm is fine but be prepared for it to come

loose. Now that it is loose from the car you still have the connector assembly to contend

with. You may need to reach up inside the opening to free the connector. The connector

looks like this:

To disconnect the connector you will need your screwdriver again to free the clip from the

detent on the mating connector. You can see the slot for the detent pictured below. Insert

the screwdriver in the top righthand corner and gently pry forward until the clip is above the

height of the small tab. This will allow you to pull on the connector and free the visor.

Once you have the connector disconnected it should still have the bezel attached and look

like this:

Now you need to remove the bezel from the visor assembly. If you look down at the

connector end and bezel you will notice three locking tabs on the bezel that hold it on the

visor assembly.

Using one hand to hold the visor assembly near the arm, with your other hand you need to

pull out on the three tabs to free them from the locked position on the visor assembly.

Once the bezel is unlocked it will float freely on the visor arm.

To remove, align the triangle on the bezel with the triangle on the visor arm and you can

slide the bezel up and off the visor assembly. Now just free the connector from the bezel.

Pick up the new Down South Vettes visor and take note of the shape of the locking

mechanism at the connector end. You will notice three distinct shapes to the corners of the

connector triangle.

Each corner has a different radius and will match up with a radius on the bezel as pictured


Match the shape on the bezel with the same size shape on the visor assembly and slide the

bezel over the connector and down onto the visor assembly. When you first slide it on it will

look like this:

While looking from the top down as pictured above, rotate the bezel clockwise and you will

feel it lock in to place on the visor assembly. Once locked it will look like this:

With one tab of the bezel now aligned with each tab of the visor assembly. You should also

notice that the base of the bezel as viewed from the side is now flush with base of the visor

connector mount. You are now ready to put your new visor back in the car.

Grab your screw driver as you will need to reverse the steps you took to get the visor out of

the car. Place the visor up on end in your lap and re-connect the visor electrical plug:

You now need to tuck the connector back up into the frame. Tuck it up in towards the

rearview mirror side.

It’s time to push the visor assembly and bezel back up in to the frame. There is only one

way for it to go back up into the car. You may need to work it a little bit to find the location

but try to remember the angle at which the visor was at when you removed it. Once you

find the slot for the latch to go into, slide it up and press it firmly in place. You will need to

hold it in place and reach for your screw driver. It should look about like this:

All that’s left to do is latch the assembly back in to place. You will need to use your

screwdriver and place it back in the slot like you did to remove it. This time, place the

screw driver to the right side of the visor arm (This is for the driver’s side. In either case,

place it into the slot and have the shaft of the screwdriver on the rearview mirror side of the

visor arm.) While pressing up firmly on the screwdriver rotate the visor and bezel assembly

from the arm pressing against the screwdriver blade and this will cause the bezel to rotate

and latch into place on the car. Congratulations, you’ve just installed your new visors.

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  1. Dave Truax says:

    AWESOME!!!I have been trying to get the bezel/clip off of my visor that I got.

  2. Pat Johnson says:

    Does this apply to a 2001 Coup?

  3. is this the same way that you replace the visors on a 1984 corvette? the example you showed was on a newer corvette than mine.

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