DSVette Corvette Leather Interior Installation

Down South Vettes Custom leather interior

Would you like to really spruce up the interior of your Corvette C6? The Down South Vette leather interior is one of those Corvette Parts that you cannot resist!! This article will show you how to completely tear down the center stack and install the Down South Vette Console Lid, DSVette Shift Boot, DSVette Brake Handle, Ebrake boot, Down South Vette radio bezel, and the DSVette Center console base. The installation is on an Automatic transmission.

Before picture. Completely stock Corvette C6 interior.

After picture.

All of the parts going on in this batch. Center console base, console lid, center dash, shift knob, shift boot, brake knob, and brake boot.

I cut this piece of foam drawer liner to line the center console with.

In this picture you can see the shift knob is removed. To remove put the car in neutral, set parking brake, and turn off car. Then you twist the plastic ring shown in the picture (ring at top of the leather boot). Twist it clockwise from about 12 to 2 position. Now pull up on the shift knob and at the same time pull down on the ring. I’d same more pulling up on the knob than anything. It should pop off and you are left with the above picture.

Remove console cover. 4 Torx screws.

Remove brake knob. Phillips screw show here. Just slide the boot down and out of the way.

Now that the screw is removed just pull off the knob. To remove the brake boot just pull it off. There are 2 pressure pins and 2 notched pins.

Brake knob and boot removed.

Remove these two hex head screws.

The center dash peice is all pressure fit. It will pull back easily, start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Don’t pull too far, there are a lot of cables attached. There are a ton of things to unplug so I’ll attempt to point them out. This is drivers side heated seat. I’m going to show all of the wire plugs, it might help to see them when you are feeling around behind the bezel to unplug them.

This is passenger side heated seat. Just squeeze the bottom middle and it pops out.

Ash try cigarette lighter.

Emergency flasher button.

Center console cigarette lighter plug.

Traction control button.

Here is a picture with everything out.

The boot needs the shift ring taken out by cutting the zip tie. The plastic ring around the shift position indicator is glued in so it needs the leather pulled away.

The leather boot is cut for the position indicator, but I think it really needs glued in.

Here is the boot with the plastic position indicator glued in. I glued it back in similar to how the factory boot was glued into it. I used some leather/fabric glue. You apply to the leather and plastic, wait a few minutes, and then both are tacky.

The center ring just slips right into the new boot. It’s a pressure fit.

The position indicator ring snaps back in, the boot slips over the entire shifter base, the center ring slips back on, with light pressure push the shift knob back on, turn the center ring from 2 counter clockwise back to 12. You can see the shift position indicator is just sitting on; with some light pressure it will go back into place.

I hate to say put everything back together in reverse, but that is what you do. Put the console base on first (if you took it off to install a new one). Then snap the radio bezel back in place starting at the top. You’ll probably have some trouble on the passenger side. It’s all a tight fit because the new leather is a thicker product than the factory stuff. The brake boot goes on next, then the brake handle, and finally console cover.

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