How to change the color of the accent LED in the C6 Corvette

There is an accent LED in the Corvette that helps to light the center console at night, providing just enough light to make the shift knob and surrounding area reflect.

The factory LED is orange and not a color that most folks enjoy.

So, time to take it apart. With a T15 torx bit, remove the sun visor clip. Pull the clip down and get the wiring connector out from the roof assembly.

Using a small flat blade screw driver, pry up the part of the connector that holds the barb, and separate the connector. Twist the LED holder out of the sun visor clip. You’ll notice a small bulb near the connector in the black wire… this is the resistor that’s in the line for the factory LED. For those wondering, the OEM circuit provides anywhere from 7.3V to 7.6V to this connector. This comes into play when selecting the right resistor for your LED.

Ok, so here’s where you pick a color. Radioshack has some LEDs, but you have to make sure to get the high intensity ones. I happened to get part number 276-316 which is a blue LED. You can find 5mm LEDs various places online. What you want to pay attention to is the rated voltage for the LED as well as the rated operating current draw. For the Radioshack one, it was 3.7V and 20mA. In the following spread sheet, enter 7.6 as the supply voltage, 3.7V as the LED voltage, and 0.02 as the LED amperage. Looking at diagram 2, you see the resistor you need in series is 195 ohms. R1 can be ignored. Radioshack doesn’t have a 195 ohm resistor, so go to the next highest… which is 220. Even the tiny 1/8 watt ones will work.

Ok, now you know what resistor you need. Take apart the LED harness. First, pop the grey clip out by pushing a small screw driver into the barbs to release it.

Next stick a pin release tool… or a nail into the pin for the black wire, and remove the back wire pin from the connector.

Cut away the shielding over the resistor, and snip the thing out. Solder your new resistor to the black wire, and solder the other end to the pin. Try not to glob a ton of solder on the pin so that it can slide back into the connector. Wrap the resistor with heat shrink tubing or electrical tape, stick the pin back into place, and stick the grey clip back in. Replace the LED by cutting down the anode/cathode of the new one so it’s the same length as the OEM one. The anode goes to the red wire connector. Go back to your car, twist the LED harness into place, and connect it back to the connector from the roof. Replace the T15 torx screw, and you’re done! If you think the light is too bright, take it back apart and use a higher valued resistor.

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