How to Program your Corvette Car2u or Homelink Garage Door Opener

I know it seems simple, but you would be surprised how many times we get this question…”How do you program your Car2u or Homelink Corvette visor garage door openers?”. Really simple follow the steps below and you will be done in 30 seconds flat.

First we will show you how to do the Car2U Corvette Garage door opener (Corvette produced after 2006 have this system).

Programming a Rolling Code Garage Door Opener (Majority of units sold after 1996)

1 Press the outer two Universal Home Remote (UHR) buttons simultaneously and release them after they both light up.

2 Place you garage door opener into “learn” mode by pressing the small colored button on the back of the opener in the garage. This may require the use of a ladder; follow all safety precautions.

3 The LED on the garage door opener will go on immediately.

4 Press and hold the button on the Car2U Visor buttons that you want to use for operation of the garage door opener.

5 Watch for the garage door to activate.

6 When the garage door activates, release the button and depress again the selected button to lock in the program.

7 Programming of Rolling Code garage door opener is now complete


Programming a Fixed Code Device (Majority of units made prior to 1996)

1 Open your Garage door remote control and look at the dip switches in the battery compartment. Your remote control your remote may have 8–12 DIP switches.

2 Record the transmitter’s DIP switch settings on the chart above (Figure 3), starting with the first switch position. If the switch is in the up, + or on position, circle “left.” If the switch is in the middle, 0 or neutral position, circle “middle.” If

the switch is in the down, – or off position, circle “right.”

3 Press all three Car2U Visor buttons simultaneously and release.

4 Enter your corresponding DIP switch settings into your Car2U by pressing and releasing the buttons corresponding to the settings you circled in chart. If “left” is circled on your chart, press the left button. If “right” is circled, press the right button.

5 When you are done entering all the DIP switch settings, press all three UHR buttons simultaneously and release.

6 Press and hold the button that you want to use for operation. Watch for the garage door to activate.

7 When the garage door activates, release the button and depress again the selected button to lock in the program.

6 Programming of the Fixed Code device is now complete


Now here is how to do the HomeLink Corvette Garage Door Opener (prior to 2006 Corvettes).

For first time programming, press and hold the two outer HomeLink buttons, releasing only when the HomeLink indicator light begins to flash after 20 seconds. (Do not perform this step when programming the additional HomeLink buttons.)

Position the hand-held transmitter 1-3 inches away from the HomeLink surface (located on your visor), keeping the HomeLink indicator light in view. Using both hands, simultaneously press and hold both the desired HomeLink button and hand held transmitter button. DO NOT release until the HomeLink indicator light flashes slowly and then rapidly. When the indicator light flashes rapidly, both buttons may be released. (The rapid flashing indicates successful training.)

Note: Some garage door openers may require you to replace step 3 with the “cycling” procedure noted in the “View Canadian Instructions” section. Press and hold the trained HomeLink button and observe the indicator light. If the indicator light is solid/continuous, training is complete and your device should activate when the HomeLink button is pressed and released.

If the indicator light blinks rapidly for 2 seconds and then turns a solid/continuous light, proceed with the following training instructions for a rolling code device. A second person may make the following steps quicker and easier. Please use a ladder or other device. Do not stand on your vehicle to perform the next steps. At the garage door opener receiver (motorhead unit), locate the “learn” or “smart” button (usually near where the hanging antenna wire is attached to the unit). If there is difficulty locating the training button, reference the garage door openers manual or Homelink.

Press and release the “learn” or “smart” button (the name and color of the button may vary by manufacturer). NOTE: Once the button is pressed, there are 30 seconds in which to initiate the next step.Return to the vehicle and firmly press and hold the trained HomeLink button for two seconds and release. Repeat the “press/hold/release” sequence up to 3 times to complete the training process. Retain the original hand-held transmitter of the RF device you are programming for use in other vehicles, as well as for future HomeLink® programming. It is also suggested that upon the sale of the vehicle, the programmed HomeLink buttons be erased for security purposes. To erase the programmed buttons, perform the procedure shown in step number 1.



10 responses to “How to Program your Corvette Car2u or Homelink Garage Door Opener”

  1. The article on how to set one’s Corvette homelink buttons w/their garage door opener was spot on and super easy, just as the instructions had indicated in “”. Thank YOU VERY MUCH for sharing this information. I have been procrastinating in getting this programmed because the Corvette owner’s manual was “pages” long on the procedure, which looked extremely confusing.

    Also perused the article on how to read the MIL codes. Very good, very helpful. Thanks again, from a new ‘Vette owner.

  2. Georg2L says:

    How do I add or reprogram a hand-held remote control?

    Press and release the LEARN button on the overhead garage door opener unit. The learn indicator light will glow steadily for 30 seconds. Within this 30 second time period, press and hold the button on the hand-held remote. Next, release the button when the overhead opener unit’s lights blink. If light bulbs are not installed on your opener, then two clicks will be heard.

    I bought 2 new remotes and the procedure of programming garage door opener took me about 15 min.

    To erase all codes from motor unit memory:
    Press and hold the LEARN button on motor unit until the learn indicator light goes out (approximately 6 seconds). All previous codes are now erased. Reprogram each remote or keyless entry you wish to use. and hold the ENTER button. Next, release the button when the overhead opener unit’s lights blink. If light bulbs are not installed on your opener, then two clicks will be heard.

  3. Richard says:

    This is totally wrong information. Look in you C7 owners manual for the correct procedure to program the sun visor opener.

  4. Ron S says:

    Had a new garage door opener installed today. Lift Master Model number 893LM. My 2013 Corvette with Lear Car 2U will not program ? Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks in advance

  5. admin says:

    This is for the C6, not the C7

  6. Sandy says:

    Trying to program in an electronic gate opener. It was easy in my 2005. Now trying to program the 2009 corvette and it is not working. There is no learn button on the gate opener. How do I do this?

  7. dane says:

    this photo is NOT of a Corvette! the coupe has no area as shown & naturally a convertible wouldn’t. I had no problem setting up a 2005 … My problem is even finding the controls on a 2013 (they are not on the visor as before & there is no area on the car as shown).

  8. Ed Maguire says:

    This procedure works for the C7 also.

  9. Dan Hail says:

    How to program a gate to my 2011 GrandSport with just the hand held lean button on gate opener ..very easy to program the wifes Lexus with hand held

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