How to Remove the C6 Corvette Shift Knob and Install the Southern Car Parts Shift Knob

The C6 Corvette Shift knob is kinda tricky to remove. Unlike most Shift Knobs, they simply unscrew. The Corvette C6 Shift knob comes off a little different, but once you know how to do it, it is really simple. See below for a quick and easy way to replace your shifter knob.

Tools Needed

T20 torx driver needed (2005-2007 and 2009)

Phillips Screwdriver (2008)

3mm hex key

Loctite (optional)



Remove the OEM as shown below (if your boot has a chrome ring see below)

Install your new shift knob, give it a few hard twists while putting downward

pressure to seat the knob. This knob has a precision fit, it’s critical to be sure

the knob hole is in alignment with the screw hole in the shifter or you may strip

the threads. The OEM screw has a starter stud in the front to help align the

screw. If you meet resistance installing the screw check alignment and try again.

Reinstall the OEM screw using loctite if you have it. Tighten firmly using a ΒΌ

ratchet if you have an adapter or as tight as you can if using a universal driver

handle. Slip the boot over the retainer ring working one side up and then the

other, you may have to twist the boot over the ring or use some Windex as a


2008 and up shift knob removal and installation

Remove the OEM knob by grasping the chrome ring and rotate it COUNTER CLOCK WISE until the ring drops down and exposes the screw

on the driver’s side. Depending on the yr, you will either have a phillips or torx head screw. People have had problems removing the phillips

screw and most likely that is why GM switched to torx which is much less likely to have problems. To successfully remove the phillips, I

suggest the following. Use the best #2 phillips screw driver you have (do not use a power driver). Remove the screw when the car is hot

(after a good drive). Have someone hold the OEM knob and apply force from the passenger side as you apply pressure on the driver and

remove the screw.

Once you are happy with the ring fit, install the new bolt into the knob (loctite optional) making sure you are aligned with

the hole. Do not force the bolt in or you might strip the shifter. Using a 3mm hex key, make the bolt tight. the fit between the bolt and the ring

is very close and you must have the chrome ring positioned so the little tabs are facing front and back at the 12 and 6 positions. This will

give you the most clearance to install the bolt. Reinstall the chrome ring when you are done.

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