How to remove the Corvette C7 Door Panels

How to remove the Corvette C7 Door Panels

Quick tutorial on how to remove your Corvette C7 Door Panels. Provided courtesy of Andrew from

Tools Needed:
7mm socket and ratchet
10mm socket and ratchet
wire taps
Good beer

To remove the door panels in your C7 Corvette you’ll need to remove the (2) T-30 screws on the bottom of the door. (see Picture)

Next you’ll need to pry back the door button release (both doors) to reveal the 10MM bolt. Remove bolt.

On Drivers side there is a panel that hides the 10 MM bolt (pop it off and remove 10 MM bolt)
On passenger door the bolts are behind the door release button and underneath the door pull you can feel for a small hole. the hole hides the 10mm bolt

This is all that holds the C7 door panel in via bolts. The rest is Push pins. On the bottom of the Corvette doors towards the rear T-30 bolt there is a small indention in the door use your fingers or pry tool to slide in and pry back the door panel. NOTE: Remember you’re not doing it right unless it sounds like something is breaking. 🙂

Once you start to hear an almost cracking sound that is the sound of the push pins popping out. You’ll need to go all around and pull out on the door panel to make sure that you have them all pulled out. Now the tricky part.

The new style door panels are slightly different at the tops than the c6. The c6 was a pain to slide into the crevice and was easy to screw-up. These have push pins tied into the door and hold the weather stripping in place. (SEE PICTURE) Ideally you’ll need to pull the door panel straight out but if you’re having problems you can just pull up on it and reseat the push pins in there respective spots and slide the weather stripping back in place. (don’t let this part frustrate you as there is always more than one way to skin a cat).

Now disconnect the harnesses holding connected to door and put the door some place nice so it doesn’t get scratched up.

Now that we have the door panel off we’ll need to remove the sub woofer speaker on the door. It is held in place by (4) 7mm bolts. Remove these bolts. The speaker has a bit of a glue compound on the back so you’ll need to find something to pry it back a bit to break the seal. Disconnect the speaker from the Harness

Behind the speaker you’ll notice a taped bundle of wires. Use a razor knife and carefully cut a slit in the tape reveal the wires.

You’ll be looking for a large Red and blue wire and a smaller grey wire. The Red and blue wire will be your Positive and smaller grey will be your ground aka Trigger wire.

Now you need to mount the image light in the door.

Look where the door moves up and down and you’ll notice just towards the inside of the door (from underneath) there is a black grommet, this is where you’ll need to drill your hole with the provided hole saw. (you can mount anywhere but this is where I found best.)

Once you have hole drilled mount the light in place and run wire to behind speaker and tap your power and ground (red wire goes to Red and blue) (black wire goes to grey wire)

Lastly put everything back together and show it off and drink a beer (of your choice of course, but make sure it’s a good beer)

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  1. Dan says:

    I was curious, where did you get the ghost light from? I really like the C7 logo. Thanks Dan

  2. Rich says:

    There was 1 more 10mm screw just under the arm rest.
    Thanks for the post. It was really helpful.

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