How to Remove the Gas Tank in a Corvette C5

How to Remove the Gas Tank in a Corvette C5

The below article will show you how to remove the gas tank for a Corvette C5.

I removed my fuel senor gauge and jumped the fuel pressure relay to get as much fuel out as I could. There was still almost 2 gallons when I pulled the pump out( I am putting my aem 320 back in)

Once I drained all the fuel out, I’ll be honest I know people say the tank is a pain but it’s actually simple. really only a few things to disconnect and unbolt. Not sure what the big deal is…

Anyways remove the inner fender liner and your first disconnect will be this worm clamp from the behind the gas cap area and move the hose out of the way. the second disconnected item will be the fuel line with a fuel disconnect tool..I used the 1/4 shown below

this is the third item that you need to disconnect. It’s right above the fuel filter on my 01..It’s the big fuel hose again it’s just a worm clamp..

here it is out of the way and disconnected

Now directly above that blue plastic part you will see the fuel fitting that needs to come off . BUT before you do that here is a trick that someone told me and is what I think people get hung up on. Drop the tank down on your stomach which makes for sooo much room to get that tool in there to disconnect that fuel line.. So the 4th thing you want to take out are the 5 or 6 13mm bolts that hold the tank to shield/frame..Once you do this the tank drops down but don’t worry it won’t come out due to that first rubber hose you took off by the gas cap is making it hang up.

Now drop it on your stomach or chest and you should have plenty of room to work in that area. Don’t worry it wont go anywhere or fall on you just don’t yank it down since it’s still connected on that fuel line we are going to take out. Now for the 5th and final step Just insert a 1/4″ disconnect fuel to push the tool in and push the line out and voila she’s out..

Once that’s done just pull her out. You may have to use some muscle since that upper hose will still be attached but it should just come out and you are done. Once the fuel is out it should take you maybe 30 to 40 minutes to do this I think it’s simple and not a pain at all so not sure what I am missing as it being a pain as I keep reading. Don’t mind the exhaust I had to pull the header to replace the starter solenoid and I wanted to change out the gaskets on the header and axle back

Contributed by CorvetteForum member “Chicago1”

3 responses to “How to Remove the Gas Tank in a Corvette C5”

  1. Kevin says:

    I have seen so many disasters created by people trying to do tank removals on their own. It may seem easy, but there are tons of ways to mess up a job like this. Unfortunately, when someone makes a mistake removing their tank, it can end up costing them a fortune to repair. I would say that this is one area that it is not wise to try to save money on. People should hire qualified professionals to handle this task unless they have experience doing it. They will be much better off in the long run.

  2. Tusc says:

    I find it criminal that there is no mention of removal of the CROSSOVER TUBE. Clearly, he has done it – the pictures evidence it. However, for such a shadetree mechanic how-to guide, there needs to be mention of this since this is the only “difficult” part of the process.

  3. Tusc says:

    Update: Apparently 97-98 or 99 have the black rubber hose shown in this tutorial. Later models – I am as yet uncertain as to what year range – have a stainless steel accordion tube over two plastic feed lines. This assembly has a locking collar which must be disengaged to disconnect the tanks.

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