How To Replace the Carpet In A Corvette C6

How To Replace the Carpet In A Corvette C6

Do you want to change the look of your C6 Corvettes interior? Try changing out the carpet. Rayzz from the Corvette Forum donated this article to the blog to show you how he went about the process.

I installed black carpet in my 2005 C6 that had Cashmere carpet.




Her is some install How-To. Stock carpet in this picture below. Green tape is marking a piece of foam that get hot glued to new carpet. Wait till you have the carpet in the car before you put this part in.

Stock carpet rolls over and Velcro at the top on the back wall.

Padding I hot glued to the back wall. The stock carpet has the padding glued to it but you have to trim the new carpet because its cut larger so you have to trim to fit. This is a good thing because the stock factory carpet had gaps where it showed what was under it. I thought it would be to hard to get the padding in the right places so I glued the padding with hot glue where it needed to be before I set in the carpet. Do this in the pass and drivers area also.

Pass side is the hardest part. You have to make 2 horizontal cuts in carpet so it can have the flap that lets you get to the fuse box’s and other stuff in front area. I glued the padding, panel and carpet together with hot glue and urethane caulking. I also clamped it to hold this together for about 3 hours.

The carpet kit I used was from and has Mass backing so it is thicker then stock so I had to cut down the panel that glues the back of carpet to make the flap panel fit. Mass backing being thicker will add sound deadening as well.

Drivers side. You also have cut t-type holes in pass and drivers side to run the wires through that hooks the seats up. This is also a good time to say you need to glue the carpet to the middle hump on pass and drivers side wall padding with spay contact cement to hold it together. With the carpet and padding glued together it will stand up better on the hump. side wall

Cut horizontal to let the cable for door opener slide down. 2 holes for screws and install.

Hole for gas pedal stop

Hole for bottom foot rest mount.

Foot rest and gas pedal stop installed.

I used a hole saw to cut the holes for studs that stick up for the seats to mount. Run the drill in reverse so it don’t pull the carpet apart. 4 per seat.

I put the seats in and then I marked where the buttons for the floor mats go. I marked the location with tape on carpet and removed the seats and door openers. Also I painted the buttons black. They go under the mats.

I used a drill bit also spinning in reverse and made the hole for the buttons that hold the floor mats in place.

I put a little urethane caulking on the part that goes under the carpet for the mat holders and tape to keep the urethane off my hands. Pull up the carpet position bottom of button to carpet and lay the carpet back down. Take the top part of button and a hammer and it down on to the part that is under the carpet. It will snap on.

Pull wires through carpet for seats, install panels that go at door openings and install seats.

Put the waterfall part back in. Vacuum Vacuum Vacuum.

Picture of pass side done without seats.

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