Install Sound Deadener in a Corvette C7

Install Sound Deadener in a Corvette C7

Does your Corvette C7 still have just a little too much road noise? If so, here is an excellent solution, install sound deadener in the cargo area under the carpet. This is a great article by “mdiiulio” from the Corvette Forum on exactly how to install sound deadener in a C7 Corvette.

Just finished installing some sound deadening material in my Corvette C7. I’m very pleased with the results The installation is detailed below…

Notes: I used B-Quiet Ultimate for the deadener and Luxury Liner Pro for the absorption layer. The B-quiet came in a roll and was really easy to work with. The LLpro was nice because it is a Mass Loaded Vinyl with a closed cell foam bonded to it. It does an amazing job however it is a little thick and will not form to shapes easily. Also, you need some amazing glue if you want to mount it to anything without squeezing into place.

I did the entire cabin below the windows minus the seating area floor. I pulled the carpet up there a little and there didn’t seem to be enough space for the LLpro. I could have pulled the seats and carpet for B-quiet alone, but it didn’t seem worth it as the floor panel is pretty sturdy and needs more absorption than damping.

To save some space and link other’s efforts, I used this article for reference dismantling the interior.
Make your life WAY easier and GET PLASTIC TRIM TOOLS if you haven’t already.

Anyway, onto the pics:

Subwoofer from 2LT/3LT. The enclosure is vented to the opposite side from the woofer. It seems like pretty light weight material so in an effort to get some better bass response I added some deadening. I am VERY pleased with the results be doing so.

Up-close on the vent

Rear Tub with the BQ

The panel installed over the electronics.

LLpro behind the seats

LLpro covering the rear. I still hear the exhaust just fine when I get on it, but in tour just cruising it is barely there. (I have NPP fyi) Great result for my long trips.

BQ and LLpro on the rear trim over the wheel wells. The white material is the GM attempt to absorb sound throughout the car.

Another sheet of LLpro over the wheel wells with a cut out for the targa mount

I did the doors as well with BQ on the inner and outer skin. I used the factory installed white sound absorbing material as a general template to cut the LLpro for best fit within the panel. It will be impossible to get 100% coverage and still get the panel back on so I’d say coverage is at about 60%. I forgot to snap some pics, but trust me the results are worth it.

GM did a great job with the C7, and I understand the effort to save weight, but mine is daily driver and road tripper. I want a quiet ride on LA’s crappy roads (non-runflats are next) and I want to enjoy my tunes. All in all, I’d say I added approximately 40 pounds of material to my car which I am perfectly ok with. The BOSE system sounds great now. It’s not a sound competition car by any means, but for the investment the results are phenomenal.

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  1. Nathaniel Plowden says:

    What are your thoughts on using Dynamat as a sound deadner?

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