Painting Corvette C7 Engine Covers

Painting Corvette C7 Engine Covers

If you want to customize the look of your C7 Corvette engine compartment, painting the coil and fuel rail covers can be a fun project that will yield incredible results.

For our project the plan is:

– paint the fuse box cover Carbon Flash Metallic
– paint the lower covers Carbon Flash Metallic
– paint the plenum Carbon Flash Metallic
– paint the fuel rail covers Cyber Grey Metallic with Carbon Flash Corvette lettering.

I planned to paint them as is, not sanding them down to make them smooth. I didn’t know how good it would look, so I figured i’d do the fuse box first, assess how it looks, then if its good I could do the lower covers, then the plenum. In short, I am quite happy with how they turned out but I did not have as much Carbon Flash as I’d hoped. So I only got the fuse box cover and the lower covers done. I ordered more paint from which should be here by next weekend and I can finish it up.

First step, is to clean, clean, clean. If it is not clean the paint will not adhere very effectively.

You will also want to use an adhesion promoter since its plastic.

Two coats base, three coats clear.

And the result.. 

Since the “
Corvette” lettering is so smooth, I sanded it down with 600 grit just enough to remove the red paint and scuff it up.

Two coats Cyber Grey Metallic on the fuel rail covers, no clear yet. On the plenum, two coats CFM and four coats clear.

Ok here I did two layers of hand laid CFM with a small brush on the “Corvette” lettering, then four coats of clear.

I chose to do four coats clear to try to build up the clear coat as a smooth layer since I did not smooth down the pieces first. It did smooth them out a lot. I do have a few small imperfections in the clear (small bubbles) so I will sand them down with 3000 grit and reclear 1 coat.
I wet sanded with 2000 grit and then with 3000 grit so it’s as smooth as can be. This is the pic is after wet sanding:

At this point I put on 1 “wet” coat of clear and now this thing is really smooth. Here is a pic:

For the fuel rails, I just put one more coat of clear on them to give them some extra pop. 5 total coats of clear at this point. Since they are textured and I did them in Cyber Grey, they almost have a carbon fiber look to them in person. Pic:

Going to let them dry till Saturday and then put them on the car and polish/seal them up.

Post courtesy of FYREANT from the Corvette Forum

4 responses to “Painting Corvette C7 Engine Covers”

  1. Anthony Bozeman says:

    Looks great…I want to do this. How do you remove fuse box cover and lower covers? Hope its not rocket science.


  2. dennis blimline says:

    you will need a TORX T30 driver to remove the lower fuel rail (coil covers)
    These are really tight and will take some muscle to get them loose. Do not strip them
    The 2 on the passenger are accessible, but the one near the cowl is pretty hard to get to, but you can do it, just go in straight.
    You’ll have to remove your upper fuel rail covers to get to the lower covers

  3. Mark Ostbloom says:


    You never included a pic of how it all looked put back together. Can you send me some to my email address?

    How is your work holding up 8 months later? Anything you would do differently?


  4. James H says:

    It’s been a couple years, wondering how all the paint held up to the engine heat. Any blistering or other issues? I’m looking to do just the plenum cover and wondering how many cans of paint, clear coat, and adhesive spray I need. Thanks!

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