How to Replace a Corvette C5 Convertible Power Antenna

How To Replace a Defective Telescopic Antenna Now this is a simple mod and the OEM assembly with motor is $130+. You’ll know you have the problem because the antenna won’t fully retract Parts:Adjustable wrenchGM OEM Power Antenna Replacement ($13 E Bay).  Make sure the antenna is fully retracted and that the radio is off Remove the antenna mounting nut located on the base of […]

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Corvette C5 Dash Removal and HUD Installation

For those not familiar with heads up display, You get 9 different ways to project critical info on your windshield, like speed, Tach, gas level, oil pressure, coolant temp, turn signals, high beam indicator, shift light indicator (6 Speeds) and check gages. You can control which are displayed, adjust the height of the projection on the windshield, and the intensity. Some are shown here: Heads […]

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Corvette C5 Headlight Gear Rebuild

Parts needed: brass gear kit10mm socket13mm socket1/4 drive ratchetmagnetic pick-up toolphillips screwdriver You also need a brass gear kit (you can get this from Rodney Dickman) at (yes I know he sells Fiero parts…trust me he sells the gears for the C5 headlights also) you can order online or call him. he is a super nice guy and ships the stuff Priority Mail.. Ok, […]

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