Corvette C5 Vararam Installation

If you have ever tried to install a Corvette C5 Vararam Intake on the Corvette C5 with the factory instructions, you are in for a real treat (instructions are terrible). Cajundude from the Corvette forum compiled much better directions to completing this daunting installation. Tools you will need: Jack,  jack stands Sockets:  7 mm, 8mm, 10mm Small flathead screwdriver, long flat head screwdriver T30 Torx […]

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Halltech Corvette C5 Venom Installation

Halltech Venom Corvette C5 2001-2004 Installation Instructions Donated By Southern Car Parts ( Tools Needed Flat Head Screw Driver Hairdryer Freezer Please note there are two different style C5 Venom Air Bridges that may come with your intake. Do not be alarmed if yours does look like the one in the pictures. You should have one of the two styles shown in the installation directions […]

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