How to Change the Rotors on a C6 Corvette

****** FRONT: ****** Remove the wheel. To remove the rotor you need to remove the caliper and the bracket. There are 2 bolts for the caliper (top smaller bolt circled on the left), and 2 for the bracket (top larger bolt circled on the right). HINT – You gain a lot of space to access these bolts if you turn the steering wheel opposite the […]

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Corvette C6 Z06 Transmission Fluid Change

*** Standard disclaimers apply. I assume no responsibility for any damage. Please be careful – the consequences of a mistake or improper install could be disastrous *** Pics below are from a 2007 Z06, and a 2007 Service Manual was used. Tools * Small 3/8″ Wrench or Large Wrench with a 3/8″ Extension * Oil Drain * Suitable Pump / Transfer Tube (I got the […]

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Installing a Corvette C6 ZR1 Carbon Fiber Splitter

Thanks to Gene I finally got a ZR1 splitter to put on my Katech Z. I thought I’d document the installation process with lots of pictures for folks like me that need pictures. I’m assuming that you’re going to install the support brace that goes behind the front fascia as well. The first step is to remove the front fascia, this also makes an excellent […]

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Corvette C6 Z06 Air Filter Element Replacement

This is a very easy procedure… it takes ~15 minutes. *** Standard disclaimers apply. I assume no responsibility for any damage. Please be careful – the consequences of a mistake or improper install could be disastrous ***  Pics below are from a 2007 Z06. Tools* Flat Blade Screwdriver* T25 Torx bit, with suitable attachment* Optional: Screwdriver with a “V-shaped” head Step 1) Remove Two Retaining […]

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How to Replace a Corvette C5 Convertible Power Antenna

How To Replace a Defective Telescopic Antenna Now this is a simple mod and the OEM assembly with motor is $130+. You’ll know you have the problem because the antenna won’t fully retract Parts:Adjustable wrenchGM OEM Power Antenna Replacement ($13 E Bay).  Make sure the antenna is fully retracted and that the radio is off Remove the antenna mounting nut located on the base of […]

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How to Change your Brake Pads on a Corvette C6 Z06

Tools Needed:– Jack and jack stands– Lug wrench to take off the wheels– 13/16″ socket for the caliper bolts– Clamp to compress pistons– Flat head screwdriver – Allen wrench/sockets for caliper pins (only if your one-piece pads don’t need them)– Mallet, prybar, or hammer to assist with rotor removal Brake pads: Step 1: Jack up your car and take off the wheels. Step 2: Locate the two big […]

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How to remove the Fuel Line on a Corvette C6 to install painted Fuel Rail Covers

Here is a quick “how to” on adding painted Fuel Rail Cover’s by removing the fuel line. Let me preface this by saying it may not be the best method but the one I prefer. I know some do the tape and bend method but I tried that and still ended up scratching my freshly painted FRC’s. Obviously mine are already installed.  Also, this isn’t a very difficult thing […]

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Cleaning Your Corvette C5 Radiator

Cleaning Your Radiator and Condenser – The Quick Overheating Fix Source: Junkman-Digital Corvettes Forum Member This DIY is more of a band-aid repair for those who have heating issues. It will help most and depending on what is stuffed up in your radiator/condenser area, it may help a lot. If you manage to get a lot of dirt, twigs, grass and leaves out of these […]

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1997 – 2004: Corvette C5 Headlamp Actuator Replacement Procedure

1997 – 2004: Corvette C5 Headlamp Actuator Replacement Procedure Subject: Headlamp Actuator Replacement ProcedureSource: 97moneypit – Corvette Action Center Forum MemberModels: 1997-2004 Chevrolet Corvette The CAC has been a very helpful resource so I thought I’d give back some pics and explanations of my first DIY repair project on my ’97 yesterday. The driver side headlight actuator needed to be replaced. Decided to do it […]

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Down South Vettes Leather Sun Visor Installation

  Difficulty: 3 out of 5. Time: Plan on about 30 minutes. The tools used are: A medium blade screw driver A small flashlight may help get a better look at the work location as you start.   Let’s get a look at the project. If you have a coupe, you may want to remove the roof. If you have a convertible you may want […]

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