Corvette C6 DSVette Leather Sunvisor Installation

Down South Vettes Leather Sun Visor Installation Instructions. Adding a Down South Vette’s Leather Sunvisor is a great way to upgrade the interior of your Corvette C6. Difficulty: 3 out of 5. Time: Plan on about 30 minutes. The tools used are: A medium blade screw driver A small flashlight may help get a better look at the work location as you start. Let’s get […]

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Refinish the Corvette C5 Coupe Targa Top

How to refinish your Corvette C5 Targa Top…. I bought a used clear targa top and wanted to restore it to new condition for use on my Corvette C5 Coupe.  This is what it looked like when I got it….. All you need to refurbish the top is: 1000 grit wetsand paper 1500 grit wetsand paper 2000 grit wetsand paper Rubber sanding block Squirt bottle […]

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Halltech C5 Honeycomb MAF Straightener Installation

Instructions for the Halltech HC.125 Laminar Airflow Straightener Screen History: In 2002, GM removed the laminar flow screen on the Z06 in an attempt to increase horsepower from the 2001 Z06, which had the screened MAF. All LS1 motors came with the screened MAF sensor. GM did not make any power claims for this mod, and since there were no changes at all in the […]

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Corvette C5 Headlight Switch-Blinker Arm Removal

This write-up will show the steps involved with removing the headlight switch / blinker arm / multi-function switch assembly, either for repair or replacement. There wasn’t a good picture-rich write-up that I could find so I documented my process, and maybe it’ll help somebody out. My particular problem was that when I turn on the headlights, the taillights wouldn’t work and the instrument panel would […]

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Corvette C5 Hatch Mechanism Repair

I have a 99 Coupe with the two hatch mechanisms (things that pop the rear hatch) So I don’t know if this will work with newer vette that just have the one. My driver side mechanism would make an awful squeal/screech when I used it and eventually stopped working all together (would make the noise but not release the hatch. So I bought two (left […]

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Corvette C6 NPP Retro-Fit for Multi Mode Exhaust

NPP in a box, a set of NPP mufflers and a M2W switch will give you an incredibly easy way to have just the sound you want, when you want, if you have a pre-2008 C6. In my case, throw in a set of LG headers, and you have rolling thunder at the flick of a switch. The combo of the headers and the NPP […]

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Corvette C6 Z06 Battery Charger Installation

Corvette C6 Z06 CTEK Battery Charger Installation This is a quick and easy way to install the Ctek Battery Charger in the two rear compartments of your car and have 1/2 inch of the AC power cable right above your license plate. Everything is in the car, all you need to do is plug it in when you want the car to be charged. Tools […]

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Corvette C5 Output Shaft Seal Leak Fix

Contributed by A.J Johnson/Digital Here’s the scenario. You pull your baby out of the garage and notice that something has leaked out of the rear of the car. The odd thing is that the leak is not dead center of the rear, it’s more to the left (or right if you’re really having a bad day). What you are probably experiencing is the failure […]

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Lowering your C5 Corvette

This is a picture by picture crash course in lowering the front of your C5 yourself. These steps are necessary to cut the front bushings or to remove the lowering bolt all together. -Note- before hand you will need to make some ramps that are at least 3″ tall so that you can remove your jack from under your car once it is lowered. The […]

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C5 Corvette LED Tailight Halo Mod

Parts needed: – about 2′ of Small gauge wire (I used 24ga stranded thin) – (4) 5-packs of 470 ohm .5 watt resistors ($4 at RadioShack) Tools needed: – Voltmeter– Wire stripper– Solder/solder gun– Scissors– Phillips head screwdriver– black marker Here’s the procedure for 1 light: 1. remove the light from the bumper 2. remove the rear panel from the light itself: remove the 4 […]

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